Greensboro Police Department Hiring Process


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Joining the Greensboro Police Department

Take the first step to join the Greensboro Police Department. The Greensboro Police Department is hiring and we are looking for motivated people like you. Our hiring process is extensive to make sure you’re a good fit as an officer, and GPD is a good fit for you. It is a process that can take up to a year, so be patient and be ready for your next exciting career.



Complete a basic City of Greensboro application here. All prospective officers fill out the same application, even for a lateral transfer. Your application will then be reviewed.

Step 1 Application


If you are selected to continue, you will receive and then complete the F3 Personal History Statement and the GPD Personal History Statement Addendum. Take your time and answer all questions fully and honestly.

You’ll be asked about various items including education, work experience, military history, past drug use, and any possible criminal conduct. If you’ve ever been charged with a crime, or have committed one, be honest about those incidents, even if you were found NOT guilty.

F3 GPD Personal History Statement


After reviewing your Personal History Statements, you may be selected to attend Pre-Hire Academic and Physical Testing.

Before you leave the testing site, you’ll know if you’re cleared to move on to Step 4.

For a complete explanation of the Pre-Hire testing, and samples of the Nelson-Denny reading Test, click the button below.

View Our Pre-Hire Academic and Physical Test Day Video


At home, you’ll complete an online psychological assessment through a third-party website. The two-part assessment consists of hundreds of questions. Again, it is important to be accurate and honest.

Online Psychological Assessment


Once your criminal history checks come in, you’ll be invited in for an extremely thorough background interview. This is your formal job interview, so dress appropriately. This process can last 2-5 hours as you answer state-mandated questions, complete multiple forms, and allow us access to review your social media accounts.

If there’s anything you’re worried about from your past, don’t worry. We give you a chance to explain these events by writing a Letter of Explanation to tell your side of the story.

Thorough Background Interview


At this point, your application file is complete and ready to send to our Selection Committee. They will review the entirety of your file and decide whether or not to make you a Conditional Offer.

The committee has a very difficult task in choosing applicants to move on to the next phase as there are many excellent applicants to our Police Academy.

Selection Committee


If you are extended a Conditional Offer, you’ll be sent for three final appointments:

  • Psychological Testing
  • Medical / Drug Screening
  • Polygraph Examination

There is no cost to you for any of these appointments and tests.

Conditional Offer


Hire / Pre-hire Opportunity: If all conditional offer testing is passed, we make every effort to “Pre-Hire” applicants before the start of Academy. We pay your full salary and benefits while you work as a non-sworn member of our agency until our next Police Academy starts.

If you’re unable to be pre-hired, you’ll still have your job waiting for you on the first day of the Police Academy.

Hire or Pre-Hire Opportunity

GPD Police Academy


Greensboro Police Academy is a paramilitary training program of more than 1,000 hours over 6 months. You’ll train under the best instructors in the state and be given all the equipment you need to do the job.

There are 2 Academy sessions hosted per year. Police recruits will attend classes Monday-Friday at our Public Safety Training Facility. You do not live at the Police Academy, you go home at the end of day. As a Police Recruit, you will be offered full salary and benefits while you attend the police academy.

Questions about the GPD Hiring Process

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About The Hiring Process?

If you have any questions or need to reschedule, you can call our recruiting hotline and we’ll be glad to help you. The recruiting hotline is available from 8:00AM to 5:00PM ET Monday-Fridays, excluding holidays.