GPD equity, diversity, and inclusion


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Equity, diversity, and inclusion in policing are essential

Equity, diversity, and inclusion in policing are essential. More women and underrepresented minority officers make police forces more effective. From strengthening trust in the police among community members to rigorously investigating hard-to-solve crimes, diverse police officers are essential to enhancing community safety and justice.

To achieve our goal of being a representative police department, we need you. We are actively recruiting change makers who are passionate about serving their community and providing people with critical services when they need them most. We work hard to attract, develop, and retain talent with training, professional development resources, and support systems. We want you to join the Greensboro Police Department.

The Greensboro Police Department values gender diversity

The women of GPD create a safer Greensboro. We value the strengths, skills, and solutions that our women officers and leaders bring to the work, and are committed to recruiting, retaining, and supporting more women in our agency. Watch the videos below to hear about the experiences and accomplishments of the women of GPD.

Meet the Officer: M.L. McClain

Knowing that your department supports you is important for officers’ health and wellbeing. Greensboro Police Department (GPD) has compassionate leaders and provides the benefits necessary to support all officers, including young parents. Meet officer McClain who shares their personal journey and why parents should choose GPD.

Meet the Officer: Jensen Proffitt

GPD recognizes that career paths are not always linear. The department makes it easy to transition into policing by covering the cost of the academy, providing compensation and benefits to academy trainees, and offering diverse career pathways. Meet officer Jensen Proffitt who gives a firsthand account of their experience entering policing and why you should choose GPD.

Meet the Sergeant: Candace Vaughn

Having talented mentors and seeing people like yourself in your chain of command motivates officers and helps them advance. Women officers make an impact in our department. Meet Sergeant Candace Vaughn as she shares how there is a place for all in leadership at GPD.